The company was established in 2006 with the aim of providing technical implementation of TV broadcast graphic systems (infographics), editing and production of digital contents.
The company’s origin stems from the separation of two business areas: hardware (audiovisual equipment) for production and television broadcast and software for TV operators.
The company began its activity by inheriting from GoTV – Interactive Technologies – Tecnologias Interactivas, S.A., a business market area which was leader in Portugal with its existing solutions in the infographics segment as well as a range of technical skills and knowledge of the end market in Portugal.


Infographics software

In terms of product selling, GoTV provides complete graphic solutions for Broadcast TV to information departments and entertainment programs as well as to television channels broadcasting. These solutions integrate external data sources such as meteorological, road traffic, financial, SMS, email, social network tools, etc., with the channel’s graphics. It also provides work-flow automation for information (between journalists and the control rooms) and broadcasting automation (thus eliminating the need for human intervention), as well as for TV interactive games via Ipad, touchscreen displays and augmented reality (interactive virtual scenography). Our solutions are also responsible for collecting sports statistics and their television broadcast.
In addition to the product sale, GoTV also provides specific services to television networks on special events such as galas, special broadcasts and elections and was responsible for the 2008 and 2012 elections broadcasts in which state of the art graphic broadcasting technologies were used.


Added value services for television

In this area GoTV exploits in conjunction with the television and radio channels added value services on mobile telephony on a revenue sharing model. It is responsible for the design of game shows as well as their complete production whether for television or radio. The services we provide to broadcasters and radio within this model are:
  • Game show design;
  • Negotiation with mobile operators;
  • Production of television and radio promotions;
  • Design of interactive devices for game shows presented live by TV hosts;
  • Providing a technical platform for SMS processing and connections to the SMS centers of mobile operators;
  • Legal support;
  • Distribution of prizes to winning contestants.
  • Management of representation and distribution of digital musical rights for individual artists and record labels on web and mobile platforms.


Content rights management

GoTV is responsible for the representation and digital distribution of almost all of Angolan musicians.

For the past 3 years the catalog is provided to Unitel on an exclusivity basis and revenue sharing model. Unitel markets the following products supplied by GoTV: full songs, ringtones, polyphonic ringtones and ringback tones.

GoTV also provides this catalog to the following mobile operators, Vodafone Portugal, TMN Portugal, T Mais Cape Verde, Mcel Mozambique and Airtel Africa. It is also responsible for its distribution on web digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Real Player, Amazon and others less relevant.


Human resources outsourcing

Having the necessary expertise and human resources has allowed it to collaborate with television stations by providing technical support services in the audiovisual sector, particularly technical support for operating television channels. In June 2009 the business activity was expanded by implementing flexible solutions in human resources management in order to increase productivity, profitability and flexibility for its customers. The company has currently a team of 80 people providing services to SIC and ETV channels in all the technical production and television broadcast specialties.



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