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Application Demo

Traffic Application provides the possibility to fully inform the audiences with regular traffic bulletins throughout the morning and late afternoon prime time television broadcast. The bulletins provide:

  • Ultra live dynamic and excellent quality traffic information
  • Interesting and engaging “to the point” bulletin scenario
  • Graphically captivating 3D image display
  • Introduced by a professional anchor

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Live traffic bulletins on Tv Globo Brazil, NTV Turkey,  SIC  and TVI Portugal greet morning television audiences in the cities of S.Paulo, Istanbul and Lisbon powered by GoTV and Be-Mobile.

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Give your audience the best traffic information

Traffic TV is a broadcasting traffic reporting system that shows real-time information on 3D animated maps.



Key Points

  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Real-time animation
3D Graphics by Orad

  • 3 bulletin editing modes
2 control modes(Ipad & Windows)
Easy to build playlist

  • Real-time information
3D landmarks for better recognition
  • Visualization by area or by road segment


3D Visualization

The application provides a 3D visualization maps using information from real-time traffic.
This 3D visualization incorporates onto a basic two-dimensional layout map 3D elements, called landmarks, such as buildings, bridges, architectural structures, etc. that allow the viewer to easily identify the observed locations.




Traffic TV is an interactive application. The controller that launches the charts is operated by the presenter through an iPad. Optionally the graphics may be launched by an operator from the control room through a Windows application.
In the iPad the presenter has at his disposal three different modes for editing the traffic bulletin:


Fly Through

A pre-animated travel mode with which the anchor launches a fly trough and makes comments over the animation.

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An interactive mode in which the anchor chooses in the iPad the points he wants to focus. In this mode the presenter has at his disposal a playlist with data on traffic conditions and events (accidents, incidents, road blocks, etc.).

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Provides the total amount of jammed roads. It displays an overview for large areas with total kilometers jammed.

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Displays an entire view of a region or the city itself. This view is ideal to understand the current traffic conditions in large areas.

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Travel Times

A mode that can launch a list of charts in full screen with the travel time and delay time for various roads.

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Graphic information

The graphic information available either on maps or on the information charts corresponds to a data feed provided by Be-Mobile and will result in the following graphics:

  • Information on traffic conditions – the roads selected to be represented on the map, will have a visual depiction by color and animation speed, corresponding to traffic conditions. There will be 4 or 5 states of representation, depending on the level of detail desired by the customer. Its range varies between a stopped state and an optimal state (traffic traveling at optimal speed).
  • Names of roads and geographical areas.
  • Average speed – for each road segment matching information on the average speed of traffic at the moment will be shown.
  • Travel time and Delay time – travel time is a value that represents the ideal duration for traveling a given route, while delay time corresponds to the delay on that route. Both will be represented by a bar graph in which the information will be available for the road and segment displayed. The graphic charts make this information available in full screen format with 2 to 3 roads per chart.
  • Traffic jams – The number of Kms in roads with critical traffic congestion will be displayed in the initial road map overview.
  • Compass.
  • Videos, images and video from external sources – A PIP (Picture in Picture) will be used with an image or video file provided by third parties that may be, for example, drivers who have seen and captured an event or a video source from an external local traffic content provider. An icon on the map will indicate segments that contain this kind of information.
  • Events – in area mode events/accidents will be indicated by an arrow, in segment mode indication will be made either by and icon representing the type of accident or a 3D representation of the type of accident. Any of these forms may be accompanied by written information describing the event.
  • Landmarks – 3D objects that represent landmark locations.




A back-office application is provided with the Traffic TV application with which those responsible for traffic information in the TV station can query traffic data and prepare the playlist to be broadcast for conditions and events as well as for the full screen charts through the control applications (iPad or Windows). The journalist will choose through this interface which areas and respective segments will be lined up for the bulletin broadcast.


Backoffice - Traffic conditions



Broadcast equipment

Along with theTraffic TV application a 3D SD / HD Engine system is provided.
This machine called Traffic Playout & Data Server is provided with the traffic scene already prepared: map and texture, roads, iconography events and conditions, travel time and delay time bars, weather indication, video camera points, external sources, etc. It is this machine that produces the final video signal which will be broadcast in SD or HD.



Data source

The data provider will be Be-Mobile.
The data server has an import service that periodically downloads and processes the CSV files relating to the Be-Mobile real-time feeds on traffic condition and events. The frequency is set in accordance with customer requirements and is usually between 1-5 minutes.
Access to data must be guaranteed by the end user via an IP connection to the Be-Mobile FTP server.


GoTV Traffic TV system diagram


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